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minetest land

Dynamic-DNS allows anybody running their own Minetest server at home to have for their server name, instead of, or minetest4.ds2.someisp.ex etc.

Web forwarding allows any Minetest project, player or website to take as a URL. is registered for the next 10 years and pointed at FreeDNS ‐ at least until 2028!

FreeDNS provide apps so that any home computer can keep the chosen domain names automatically pointing to their home IP address.

Free DNS

tree is being shared via Free DNS, a dynamic DNS domain sharing project where members can setup, and administrate their dns entries on their own remote internet connected systems in real time.

To create a free subdomain from or any other shared domain, you can visit the shared domain list.

For any dns related inquiries, questions, support, comments, or misuse contact for a quick response.
Free DNS is serving 90,000+ domains, 3.7 million subdomains, and processing 2,000+ dns queries per second.

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Image credit: Cisoun
Special thanks: Joshua at FreeDNS for manually including a newfangled .land TLD into their registry.
Site: DrFrankenstone (on the forums) butchering Bootstrap's Creative template.

For misuse of this domain, contact for a quick response.