Make a Minecraft map

Using Dropbox

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How to set up your map on Dropbox

  1. Create a .txt file containing all your map locations, and copy it into your Dropbox.
  2. Select "Share link" from the dropbox menu, or click the file's "Share" button, and copy the link.
  3. Paste the link into the box below and click "Covert"

    ... and here's the link for your new map:

All that the Convert button is doing is:
  1. Turning the link into a direct download link by replacing with
  2. Encoding the direct download link, so the finished URL will be nicely formatted.
  3. Adding the encoded link as the src parameter to the URL of the map generator, i.e. adding it to the end of this URL:

Hosting your own copy of the map generator from Dropbox

Dropbox disabled this ability in 2016 :(

Luckily you can still keep your locations file on Dropbox and run your map that way, as shown in the section above.

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