Make a Minecraft map

Using Google Drive

Google Drive have turned off support for web hosting :-(

This means the hosting instructions on this page no longer work. The map software still works, it just cannot be hosted on Google Drive anymore, and neither can a locations file.

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How to set up your map on Google Drive

The locations file must be in .txt or .html format, neither of which are document types that Google Drive will create by default from the web page, so create the file using a text editor such as Notepad, and then upload it to Google Drive.


  • You can add better Google Drive support for text files by adding a notepad app - to do this go to Options → Manage apps.
  • Templates and examples of locations files can be found here

Make the file "Public on the web"

  1. Open the file in Google Drive and click "Share"

  2. Under "Who has Access", click "Change..."

  3. Change the Visibility option to "Public on the web", and click "Save"

Your locations file is now available on the web, the last step is to put its unique code into the map URL.

Get your file's unique code

Copy the text in the "Link to share" box

You will end up with some text that looks like this, the letters I've colored green are the file's code:

i.e. everything between and /edit?usp=sharing is your file's unique code.

Add your file's unique code to the end of this URL...

... and you have the URL for your new map. For example:


If your unique code looks longer than the example above (e.g. 44 characters instead of about 28), and causes a "Failed to load locations from src" error, then you've probably created a Doc file instead of a .txt file.

Doc files are in a format native to Google, like the Google equivalent of Microsoft Word .doc format. They're good for fonts and nice layout, but the map generator can't extract extract data from them. I may add support for Google doc files later — if it's possible without bloating the map viewer too much, since Google provides such a nice collaborative online UI for them.

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